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Overcoming Hurdles in Sustainability Data Availability: Automation Leading the Way

In an increasingly data-centric world, the quest for accurate, relevant, and timely information on sustainability practices and their impact is a pressing challenge. The data availability issue is particularly significant for investors who need to make informed decisions based on comprehensive, reliable, and comparable data.

The data required to evaluate a company’s environmental practices, Human Capital, and Innovation structures are not always readily accessible. Furthermore, manually sourcing and extracting such diverse, multi-source information can be labor-intensive and prone to errors and bias, causing inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the evaluation process.

How do we address this issue?

Embracing innovative technologies and methods is one significant step forward. For instance, automated data sourcing and extraction can radically streamline the process of gathering, processing, and analyzing sustainability-related data. Automation saves time and effort and mitigates the risk of human error, thereby ensuring more reliable outcomes.

Harmony embodies the potential of automation in tackling data availability challenges. By leveraging proprietary techniques, Harmony automates the sourcing and extraction of information. This eliminates the traditional, labor-intensive approach and makes the process more efficient and comparable. This way, Harmony ensures high comparability and efficiency, which are paramount in evaluating key sustainability issues.

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