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White House tackles artificial intelligence with new executive order

On October 31, 2023, President Biden has issued an Executive Order aimed at advancing the development of artificial intelligence (AI) while ensuring safety, security, privacy, equity, and civil rights. The order includes several key actions:

1. New Standards for AI Safety and Security:

🔹 Require AI developers to share safety test results with the government.
🔹 Develop rigorous safety standards and testing.
🔹 Protect against AI-related risks in various sectors (engineering of dangerous biological materials, fraud and deception, cybersecurity vulnerabilities)

2. Protecting Americans’ Privacy:

🔹 Prioritize privacy-preserving techniques and research.
🔹 Evaluate how agencies collect and use commercially available information.
🔹 Develop guidelines for assessing the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques.

3. Advancing Equity and Civil Rights:

🔹 Prevent AI algorithms from exacerbating discrimination.
🔹 Ensure fairness in the criminal justice system’s use of AI.

4. Standing Up for Consumers, Patients, and Students:

🔹 Promote responsible AI use in healthcare and education.

5. Supporting Workers:

🔹 Develop principles and best practices for mitigating AI-related workplace risks.

6. Promoting Innovation and Competition:

🔹 Support AI research and a competitive AI ecosystem.
🔹 Expand opportunities for skilled immigrants.

7. Advancing American Leadership Abroad:

🔹 Collaborate internationally on AI frameworks and standards.

8. Ensuring Responsible Government Use of AI:

🔹 Issue guidance for agencies’ use of AI.

Facilitate efficient AI procurement and workforce development.
These actions aim to foster responsible AI innovation, safety, and security, privacy protection, equity, and global leadership. Collaboration with Congress is expected for further progress.

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