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Harmony introduces premier ESG platform in Brazil to onboard the country into its ecosystem

At the Congresso Brasileiro de Previdência Privada (CBPP), Latin America’s largest pension plan conference, Harmony Analytics Founder, Paul Viera, delivered a presentation titled, “How Do You Get Past the ESG Noise?”   In it, Viera shared his vision of an innovative ESG platform that offers an integrated solution for a growing cohort of capital owners who use ESG to inform their decisions. The solution is built around identifying endorsed ESG issues and drives engagement between companies and capital owners.   Over 4,000 people attended CBPP, which featured 32 different speaking engagements. Paul’s speech drew over 1,000 attendees, sixty percent of whom were board members and executive directors. Notable speakers from other CBPP conference events included entrepreneurs like Salim Ismail of Singularity University and Peter Diamandis of Zero Gravity Corp as well as leaders from the Brazilian government like Paulo Guedes, the Minister of Finance and Dias Toffoli, the Supreme Court Minister.   Viera sits on the board of several for-profit, nonprofit, and civil rights organizations. Through Harmony, he is leveraging this network and giving capital owners the tools they need to influence global change through their investments.  In his own words, “One of the most important tools in your toolkit is your ownership. Companies can be influenced by social demands but are more responsive to the voice of their shareholders.”

Join Harmony in building a transparent, collaborative ESG ecosystem to pave the way for a more sustainable future.  

About Harmony: Harmony Analytics is a world-class research and data analytics firm. Harmony’s goal is to help Corporations take responsibility for their ESG impact to define a better future.